Walking with You

Messy, fallible, falling apart at the seams.

Prone to error and mistakes.

Continuously jumping to conclusions, judging and making assumptions that I shouldn’t about others, myself and even You, God.

But the thing is that You still love me through it all. You still want to use me for Your glory despite my flaws. You still choose to pour out Yourself through this broken vessel. The more I grow in You the more I see that I’ll never be perfect enough to earn your grace. I’ll never get it “right”. I’ll always go stumbling through life and falling down into sin like a baby learning to walk. But there you’ll be like a Father calling out to me. Holding your arms out to me, telling me to keep getting up and walk again. Encouraging me to keep walking towards you no matter how many times I fall. Letting me know that walking in faith isn’t about getting it right in the 1st, 2nd or 490th time, but it’s about taking it one step at a time. It’s about trusting in you and focusing on your relentless love and boundless forgiveness rather than looking at own my own failing righteousness and faulty strength.

See, at the end of the day this walk is not about me, it’s about you. It’s about teetering and tottering back into the arms of a Father who loves us as we are. It’s about realizing that we can’t measure our growth by our own ability to keep from falling but by how close we are to You. Because the closer we get to you, the more we can reach out and grab Your hands so you can guide us and keep us from stumbling. The closer we get to you the more we can look at you smiling as we take step after step. The closer we get the more we can be comforted by your voice when we feel the sting of falling. And the closer we get to you the more we realize that this walk was never about us walking perfectly without falling. But it was all about us getting close to you as you give us the strength and stability to walk with you.