Who Is Burning Black Churches and What God Do You Serve?

I’m trying to figure out who’s behind the recent string of attacks on Black Churches. I’m also trying to figure out where everybody who was claiming to be God’s mouthpiece last week, saying God has removed His hand from our nation and the end of days are near because of the SCOTUS decision are? So the God you claimed to be speaking on behalf of was mad about consenting adults obtaining the right to marry in a nation that bases its democracy on the separation of church and state, but has no issues with white supremacists burning down His sacred spaces like it’s 1955?! I guess we must be serving two different Gods then because the God I serve is outraged at those who terrorize others by attacking their place of worship. The God I serve has a righteous anger for those who are so filled with hate that they have no regard for what is holy. The God I serve is a God that hates the iniquity of racism with a passion but loves and longs for justice. (ref. Isaiah 61:8) The God I serve is the Righteous Judge (2Ti 4:8) and the Just One. (Acts 7:52) The God I serve sent a Son that was despised, rejected and oppressed when He was on earth and can closely identify with a people who have been despised, rejected and oppressed in this nation because of the color of their skin. (Isaiah 53:3,7) If you don’t have any issues and aren’t receiving any messages from God about the racist attacks on Black Churches over the past couple of weeks then it’s clear that we DO NOT serve the same God. With that being said, I’m really uncertain about the God some of y’all claim to be speaking for and what religion you’re supposed to be a part of, but until you figure it out please stop calling yourself a Christian and speaking for a God that you know nothing of. You’re making the rest of us look bad.