On the Rock or Sand?

I really think our generation struggles with wanting to fit in and be accepted. So many of us live to get over 100 likes on an Instagram picture. We’ll take it down and repost it if we don’t get enough likes the 1st time around. We love seeing our tweets retweeted and favorited. Some of us long to be the next YouTube makeup guru while others vie to be the next Vine comedian. We spend countless moments of our days taking and re-taking selfies, usies, crafting the perfectly worded tweets, and finding just the right lighting for that next video upload. All in the name of catching the attention of other people. We’re in the constant pursuit of being liked, retweeted and subscribed to because we place so much value in what other’s think of us. We love the status that comes with having over 1000 followers on a social media site. We feel good when others seem to like us and approve of us. And slowly but surely, many of us have become so caught up in the pursuit of creating social content to gain people’s approval that we’ve forgotten to pursue the One who created us.

It reminds me of the passage in Matthew 7:24-27, where one man builds a house on sand, while the other builds a house upon the rock. I’m sure you know how the story goes. The man with the house on the sand ends up in ruins when the storm rolls in and washes away the unstable and weak foundation. The man who builds his house on the rock, however, is able to withstand the storm. Now there’s nothing wrong with social media, in and of itself, but when we use it to feed our obsession with being liked and validated by others, we become just like the man who built his house on the sand. We get so caught with trying to become mini-celebs that we lose sight of the fact that what we’re chasing after isn’t stable or reliable. When we let our self-worth become based on people’s opinions and not on God’s opinions of us, we’re destined to end up in ruins just like the house built on sand. People’s opinions sway back and worth just like the waves of the ocean and their criticism can come crashing down on you just like a high tide. When you base your life on gaining the approval of and being liked by people, you will forever be at the whim and mercy of public opinion. If your self-worth is caught up with how well-received the image of yourself that your portray on social media is received, you’re bound to be crushed time and time again when the tides change and you aren’t receiving the validation that you used to.

That’s why as believers we are called to build our life on the rock that is Christ. God knew we needed something solid and strong to base our life and self-worth on. And what better source to find approval and validation from, then from the One who’s opinion about us never changes. He’s the One who still thinks we’re fearfully and wonderfully made even when we only get 5 likes on that selfie we posted 2 hours ago. He’s the One who still values us even when nobody retweets that tweet we took 10 minutes to phase perfectly into 180 characters. He’s the One who loves us whether or not we ever become that YouTube or Vine sensation. Even when people don’t give us the approval we hoped for. Even when they don’t seem to like us or subscribe to us. Even when their opinions of us crash down on us in a negative subtweet or comment under our video. His opinion of us always remains the same. We are His precious children and nothing in all of creation can separate us from the love He has for us. Not death or life or having less than 100 friends on Facebook. Nothing.

So what are you building your house on? What are you building you self-worth on? What are you crafting your image around? What are you pursuing daily? Is it on the shaky sands of posts, popularity and people’s opinions? Or is it on the solid foundation of a relationship with Christ and His opinion? (Which, by the way, is the only one that really matters.)

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