Like Pure Gold, Part 1

A few Sundays ago, the sermon at church touched on how husband and wives should treat each other. The message pulled from 1 Peter 3:6-7. Verse 7 says that husbands should treat wives with care because women are the weaker vessel.

This verse has been used to “keep women in their place” and to demean us. It has been used justify the abuse, exploitation and mistreatment of women, because as this verse says, we’re weaker and clearly that means we’re deficient. Clearly this verse shows that we’re less than men, right?

Well, maybe not. Maybe this verse has been misinterpreted and misused time and time again. The sermon I heard focused on reinterpreting this often misused verse. In the Old Testament days, the priest was the only one who could handle items used during religious ceremonies. This wasn’t only because the items were holy and sanctified, but it was also because they were often made from pure gold. Pure gold, that hasn’t been mixed with other metals to harden, is very soft and if it isn’t handled with the utmost care it will become damaged and bent out of shape.

As women, we are like the pure gold used in those ceremonies. Our weakness is not a flaw. It’s an attribute of our God-given purity and delicate beauty. Our hearts and souls can’t withstand being handled roughly by those who don’t take the time to care for us. That’s why we often feel so broken and bent out of shape when we’re in relationships with men who don’t know how to care for us.

And that’s also why we’re supposed to wait to receive our husbands. Just like the priest was the only one who could handle those pure gold items, our husbands are the only ones equipped to handle us with God’s tender love and care.

So whether you’ve already received your husband, or if you’re like me, and you’re still preparing to receive your husband, I really think this is something that gives so much insight and understanding on what to expect from a husband. Yes, your husband is the leader, but how he uses that leadership role is sooo important. His God-given duty is to treat you with kindness and care because he sees the value in you. He realizes that, just like pure gold, you are priceless and deserve to be treated as such.

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