Hi, My Name Is…

My name is Sarita. Derived from the Hebrew name Sarah. A Spanish name meaning “little princess”. Currently ranked as the 1732nd most popular name for girls.

I absolutely hated my name growing up! I used to cringe every time I heard someone say my name. As a little girl, I used to get angry at my parents for giving me such an unusual name. “Why couldn’t I have been named Brittany or Ashley, like 15 of the other girls in my class?” I would think to myself.

I could have even settled for a name like Crystal or Kesha. But Sarita? What a strange, different, weird name. I hated how my name made me stand out. People would ask me or my mom, in curiosity, what my name meant. They would stumble in pronouncing my name correctly. “Uhh…Sharita.”



Occasionally I would get the person who would roll their eyes, assuming that my name was some “made-up, ghetto name” because it belonged to a little black girl. Oh, how I hated my name!

Over the years, though, I’ve grown comfortable with and have even grown to love my name. I guess that’s what 23 years of repetitiously being called the same thing will do. The same name that used to make me cringe, now makes me smile when I hear it- especially when someone pronounces it correctly :). I’m okay with having a name that you don’t hear everyday. It’s perfectly okay to have something about me that automatically makes me stand out in a crowd. I’ve learned to embrace the uniqueness of my name and know that my name is beautiful.

I can look back and laugh at how much I used to dislike my own name. Isn’t it funny how we can be ashamed of something about ourselves, that we should be so proud of? How we can let something that should make us hold our heads high, make us hang our heads down in shame instead. Now that I’m older, I know that the reason I disliked my name so much was because I just wanted to fit in and be like everyone else. I couldn’t see the fact that my parents gave me the gift of having a name that would separate me from the rest (or at least the ones with the 1731 more popular names).

Over time, I grew out of hating my name and I learned to embrace it. Sometimes, it takes time to learn to embrace the unique beauty that God has placed in us. Sometimes it takes maturity to learn to love who we are. Sometimes it takes the repetition of realizing that peculiar name or talent or character trait we were given isn’t going anywhere. We have to learn to embrace it and be proud of the fact that it is a part of who we are. It takes time to understand that wanting to fit in is really just wanting to be comfortable, but accepting the things that make you different is accepting the greatness that lies within you. Sometimes it takes months or years or our entire life to see the beauty of being different and set apart from the rest.

Just like my name, there are so many other things about myself that time, maturity, and repetition are going to have to help me learn to fully embrace and accept about myself. I’m not there yet, but I’m fully convinced that in time I’ll learn to grow to fully love and embrace myself the same way I’ve learned to love and embrace my name.

2 thoughts on “Hi, My Name Is…

  1. Being named “Fawn”, I can appreciate your struggles with “Sarita”. Other girls in my class were named Linda or Barbara or Susan. Fawn was weird. I love it now! Thanks for following me at Triggershorse. – Fawn


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